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Besame Mucho Centennial musician, song of the century

Mexican legendary musician Consuelo Velazquez, if alive, will enter the age of 100. Despite the loss of 10 years, the legacy of music she left is priceless, including the love story. Thank you, Besame Mucho.
The name of Consuelo Velazquez has singers from mexico. Besame Mucho opened the door for Mexican music outside the borders and brought her name to the world.
Consuelo Velazquez was born in 1916, died in Mexico in 2005. She began playing piano at the age of four, entering the profession as a classical pianist at the Palacio de Bellas Artes and XEQ Radio, but later became a singer and singer-songwriter. She composed hundreds of songs, of which Besame Mucho is best known and most admired.

What has made Besame Mucho so much loved?

First Besame Mucho (Kiss Me A Lot) is a sad love song. The sadness was written by the bolero that was just introduced into Mexico while samba, mambo, tango was the music that was floating around in Latin. And Consuelo Velazquez was a rare woman who wrote bolero at the time.
Secondly, the sadness of the song is a beautiful sadness, the sadness of a couple when they are about to split. In the song, the girl sobbed "Let's kiss you so much / As if tonight was the last night / Because I'm afraid I'll lose you / Take me forever / Hold me tight / To see you in my eyes / To see you close / Because tomorrow / I will be far away from you / Away from you. "
A song with lyrical, romantic, passionate and passionate lyrics, maybe in the days to come, it's quite normal, but in the 30's, it's a breakthrough. symbol.
When listening to the song, many people mistakenly think that this must be the words of an author who experienced pain in love. But not. While writing this song, Consuelo Velazquez is a virgin girl who has never had a shoulder strap and, as she later recalled, never kissed anyone.
Although this song was officially released in 1931, the fact that Besame Mucho was composed by Consuelo Velazquez when she was only 15 years old. "It was one in the afternoon, sitting on the piano, in an improvised mood, I jammed my sentiment and desire. At that time, I did not even know the note, "Consuelo Velazquez later recalled.
Besame Mucho was born into a bomb, just like the one that caused a stir when Brigitte Bardot wore a two-piece swimsuit in the movie. And God created women. By that time, 30 years ago, Mexican society is still very conservative, parents place where children sit, male sex, religion decisive standards, women should avoid contact with men , away from temptation, kissing is sinful ...
But there is a girl who dares to stand up and call "let me kiss you so much". The bolero melody, along with the burning lyrics, goes slowly, but deep into the heart of the listener, making a sad sorrow.
Besame Mucho quickly became the dream, the dream of most of the public at the time, even though it was only the imaginary kiss of the composer. And just by Besame Mucho, Consuelo Velazquez became a monument, a feminist, a model for the liberation movement of women in her time.
And from then on, Besame Mucho became the best song of all time, becoming Mexico's pride.
Inherit legacy
Many people could not think that a teenage girl's dream of such a teenage girl suddenly became so famous.
But it is also important to make clear that Besame Mucho is not merely the composer of Consuelo Velazquez, as she is also influenced by others.
The first two sentences of this article were taken from the melody of late 19th-century Spanish composer Enrique Granados in the Los Majos Enamorados, especially in the second stanza. 5 Whispering words or girls and winged eagles (Quejas, O La Maja y El Ruisenor) with the deepest feelings of love. The last verse is the chorus she was based on the opening sentence in the improvisation that variations, changes to bolero structure is also very beautiful and harmonious.
But regardless of where the influence comes from, Besame Mucho is considered one of Consuelo Velazquez's most famous works. After being famous at home, the song crossed the border into the United States. Besame Mucho also appeared in a movie and in 1941 the song was officially released through the voice of Emilio Tuero.
At that time, Besame Mucho escaped the social barriers of Mexico and became a charismatic song of those who went to war when World War II dragged the boys to the battlefield and separated their love. And so it is more famous.
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