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Get good sleep through yoga

Sleep is important for health and insomnia will cause fatigue, decreased concentration, affect the ability to study, work of people. Doing the postures in the yoga exercises below before going to bed will help you get a good night's sleep and repel insomnia.
1. Short meditation
Sitting on the bed, his legs crossed. Close your eyes, put your hands on your knees and breathe for a few minutes. This is a short meditation for breathing.
2. Sit upright
Sit on the bed with your legs crossed, inhale and stretch. Take a deep breath and turn the person to the left and place your right hand on your left knee. If you sit near the head of the bed, you can hold your left hand in place to help you twist more. Hold the posture in several breaths at the same time take a deep breath. Repeat this movement but rotate to the right.
3. Hold your knees
Hold your knees to your chest and shake slowly from side to side on your back while breathing. This will help your back to completely relax.
4. lying twisted people
Breathe in and bend your right knee to your chest. Exhale and turn your legs across the person to the left. Turn your head to the right, spread your right arm to the horizontal, place your left hand on your right knee, take deep and slow breaths. Hold the posture in several breaths, then repeat this movement but change sides.
5. Hold your toes
Lie on your back, breathe in and bring your right leg straight to the ceiling. Hands must grasp the leg at any part of the knee, ankle or toes that you can easily reach. Exhale, keep your legs straight and slowly bring it to your head. Gently put your feet closer to your head, taking deep and slow breaths. Hold the posture in several breaths, then repeat this movement but change sides.
6. Bending people
Still sitting with two feet crossed legs, gently bend forward and arms stretched in front. Hold your posture in several breaths while breathing in deep, you will feel the hips and back stretch.

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