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How to change the TL-WA860RE wifi password

The TL-WA860RE is a wireless extender that is used to extend the range of wifi. You can also set a password or change the password TL-WA860RE wifi at will. The following article will guide users how to change the password TL-WA860RE.
The TL-WA860RE has a compact, two-antenna interface that extends WiFi coverage. Users can create names as well as wifi passwords for this transmitter. Even if too many people know your password, you can also change the TL-WA860RE wifi password. However, you can not apply the Viettel wifi password change for use on the TL-WA860RE wifi extension. Although changing Viettel wifi password also have TP Link modems, but the interface is different than changing the TL-WA860RE wifi password. See details on how to change the TL-WA860RE wifi password on your computer, phone offline.


Step 1: Users who want to change the wifi password TL-WA860RE must access the configuration of the wifi extension.
Use any browser like Google Chrome or Firefox on your computer. In your browser, enter the URL: in the URL bar.
Select Login and Password to access the TL-WA860RE wifi.
Generally, TP Link devices' account names and passwords are:
Click Login to login and change the wifi password TL-WA860RE.
In the WiFi interface TL-WA860RE, select Settings and then click Wireless.
Step 2: Continue to select Wireless Settings.
Step 3: In the Wireless interface, note the Password section. Please delete old password and enter new password here, press Save to save the operation just finished.
Step 4: After saving the password, press the Reboot button. Select Yes to perform modem reset of TL-WA860RE.
Users should wait about 2 minutes for the TL-WA860RE to restart.
After successfully changing the TL-WA860RE wifi password, you can reconnect immediately to use the Internet.
Viettel users are familiar with TP Link products as well as the configuration interface. For FPT users, they are more familiar with how to change the Gpon wifi password. The Gpon modem is provided free of charge by FPT when users register to set up the line. Configuration interface as well as password change GTC wifi is not like other modems. So if you encounter this type of modem, you should consult the manual of to make the most accurate.

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