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I have been suffering from insomnia

Chronic sleep apnea is becoming more and more common and makes people very tired. Writing articles about health in many places, meeting and listening to many stories, our team also wanted to find the most effective remedy for those who are insomnia, but the more hopeless it is. , like the bottom of a needle. Thankfully, in the early days of the new year, by visiting our friends we are believed.
Mai Thi Bich, 60 years old, residing in group 11 of Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District has recovered from her chronic insomnia.
   Visiting my family in a drizzly afternoon, we were welcomed very warmly. The small house still radiate warm flavor of the New Year, Uncle Bich a fragrant lotus tea and share his story.
"I've been sleeping for years now, and I do not know why, it looks like it's getting old so naturally it's getting worse. Every night I usually only sleep one to two hours and then my eyes open, I can not sleep any more. Even have a time, I wake up white night, lying headlong stabbed to mind thinking all sorts of things. At that time I was much worse, my health deteriorated, people remember every time forget, my grandfather is teasing teasing is lost.

"And then how are you?" - We asked

 Uncle Bich recalled: "In the early days of insomnia, my grandfather took me to acupuncture, taking medicine for a few months without any progress. Then go to hospital Bach Mai is prescribed medicine to drink a little sleep but get up early tired people. At first, the tension was uncomfortable, so there was nothing irritating to me with my grandchildren. Know that many side effects but just to quit smoking can not sleep, it is very painful.
    We agree: "Yes, many people are insomnia that is difficult to cure, then how can you do that?"
"Oh, thank you, half a year ago, I happened to read an article about a man who had lost his sleep, but he did not get a job with TPCN BoniHappy. I found out that BoniHappy is made by Canada, the herbal ingredient helps stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormone so it is good for chronic insomnia, insomnia due to age ... without side effects. what I'm too happy to go buy now to drink 4 tablets per day in accordance with the instructions, the first time is still combined with the drug but sleep is deep and tasty, lightened up rather than tired tired as before. After using it for 3 months, I quit the pharmacy, then drink BoniHappy 2 more months I sleep well every night 6 hours, healthy people out. Sleeping, I like yoga and yoga. The whole tease this young mother is so cheerful, the skin is also more beautiful, my family just laughed, do not dare to scold me again.
We share the joy with Uncle Bich, happy because we have now found a cure for chronic insomnia.
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