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Julio Iglesias smiles over Mexico

After years of absence from the music industry, Julio Iglesias released a new album in mid-September 2015. The music was released on almost the same day the Spanish singer celebrated his 72nd birthday. (Julio Iglesias was born on September 23, 1943). Featuring the title of Mexico, this album features 12 songs honoring the most illustrious American nationalists.
Famous singers from mexico - Julio Iglesias new song marked the same two 40-year cycles. In 1975, Julio Iglesias reaped the first spectacular results on the international market. The song "Abrázame" ("Near You"), the title track of El Amor's album Julio recorded just four decades ago, topped the European, Japanese, Hong Kong and South American charts. America.
Also in 1975, Julio Iglesias released an album (titled A Mexico) dedicated to the South American market, through which Julio auditioned with Mexican bolero and ranchera. That explains why the songs such as Cucurrucucu Paloma, María Bonita, Noche de Ronda or Sólamente Una Vez are arranged according to the Mexican way of playing.
Forty years after the conquest of Latin America, Julio Iglesias returned to the country that had once embraced him. In his career, Julio Iglesias has sung a number of songs by Mexican authors, including Agustín Lara, María Grever, Armando Manzanero, Luis Demetrio, and the Jalisco Five Great Families, whose Consuelo Velázquez best expression. This time, Julio Iglesias selected Cuco Sánchez and his famous composition as the first.
"Fallaste Corazon" is one of the songs (as well as Anoche Estuve Llorando, Cama de Piedra, Siempre hace Frio ....) by singer and songwriter Cuco Sánchez. (1921-2000). In addition to this author's version, another featured version of "Fallaste Corazon" is presented by Rocio Durcal.
Famous since the mid-1940s, Cuco Sánchez has written more than 200 songs, including bolero, ranchera and film soundtrack. When recording this song, Julio Iglesias wanted to honor the famous authors of a country that gave him much love. Mexican audiences gave the Spanish the most unforgettable moments in their life, so much so that he always considered Mexico as his own homeland.
Julio Iglesias new album is the first Spanish studio album since 2003 (Divorcio). Within a decade later, he had virtually no recordings, except for the 2006 Romantic Classics, in which Julio recorded Careless Whisper & Right Here Waiting. ) of the 1980s.
He was born in Spain in 1968, after winning the first prize at the Benidorm Festival (at that time equivalent to Italy's San Remo Festival), Julio Iglesias then represented Spain. Eurovision's Eurovision Song Contest in the late 1970s. Julio was internationally renowned in the international music scene from 1975 onwards, thanks to an exclusive contract with CBS, whose Julio records were widely distributed. five continents.
In his 40 years of international career, Julio Iglesias became the record-holder. With over 80 albums released, up to a third of which reached the level of diamond discs, Julio has sold approximately 300 million records worldwide so far, and is thus recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. is the most popular Latino artist of all time.
Among Julio's heights, a world tour in 1988-1989, his number of hits was so great that he waited for his fans to sing a lot of songs, and when Julio can sing for nearly three hours at the request of the audience. In terms of quality, one of the most appreciated albums was in 1996, when Julio auditioned for tango argentino, which was nominated for the best album of the Latin Grammy Awards. finally reached the hands of Mexican idol Luis Miguel.
Two years ago, in the spring of 2013, Julio Iglesias finally entered the Latin Hall of Fame as the most memorable Latin artist, alongside two of Armando's musicians. Manzanero and author José Feliciano. In addition, Julio Iglesias holds the record for most vocalists. In addition to his mother tongue (Spanish), Julio Iglesias also sang in 13 different languages. In the international music scene, Julio seems to be the only singer in addition to singing the main foreign languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and also record the Japanese version and even the tagalog people Philippines and Indonesian bahasa.
That explains why Julio has a huge fan base in Asia, and even though Julio's singing career is overshadowed in North America and Europe, his age is still radically
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