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Listening to music helps deep sleep and improves memory

Music brings many benefits to mental health, helps you train your mind, memory, relieve stress, easy to sleep, deep. However, not all music is beneficial. And not necessarily with memory loss or sleeplessness, just enough music.

Which music is not good for the brain?

In order to relieve stress, many people, most of them youngsters, often go to dance halls, bars, or regularly listen to rock, techno, or EDM music. Usually opened at loud, dangerous levels are considered to be harmful to hearing and brain.
To prove that, Japanese researcher Emoto Masaru conducted a study when giving ice crystals "listening to music" and shooting with a microscope. Surprisingly, if the image obtained when the classical "classical music" is still intact, other crystals were shattered when tested with rock music.
According to Dr. Emoto, 70% of the body is water. So, if ice crystals "do not like" rock music, then maybe the water in the body will not get the best state when listening to this music, and thereby can cause poor health.

Music is not just entertainment

So far, only classical music has been shown to be beneficial to the mind and body and can even be used as a medical therapy.
Classical music, light music is considered to be a good therapy for the brain to help focus, improve thinking, improve mental health and a way to relieve many illnesses.
However, this does not mean that music makes people smarter. It only serves to provide an ideal environment for thinking. Likewise, music helps to relax, reduce nervous system activity, relieve stress and temporarily forget thoughts that make sleep easier.
Listen to music, what should be noted?
According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), teens and young people are at risk for hearing loss only because of the way they listen to music by ear when they exceed the volume allowed.
Therefore, when using the ear phone, use a headset equipped with soundproofing, to avoid the sound of the headphones. The sound level threshold is below 85 dB. Passing through this threshold, all kinds of music are not good for the brain, not to mention the memory enhancement or help sleep, including classical music.
Not only about the volume, scientists have shown that to relax and sleep. You should only listen to music about 45 minutes before going to sleep.
Nowadays, some types of brainwave music are focused on deep sleep, but not all music files are properly tested to produce the desired effect.
In addition, music, such as massage, meditation, or thinking exercises, is just one way to support. To sleep well and improve memory, the most effective way is still a healthy lifestyle, limiting the negative impact on sleep and memory.
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