The 10 most famous singers in the world today

With all the songs being released quickly became the hit, the top 10 popular singers below have continuously rained all over the world BXH in the past year.

Justin Bieber

Although it is associated with countless scandals but can not deny Justin Bieber is a pop star and successful composer of Hollywood. With sweet voice, Justin Bieber is the music of the music and gradually became one of the most famous singers in the world. The songs of Justin Bieber from Baby to Sorry, Love Yourself ... in turn became big hits that were received enthusiastically.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a multi-talented guy who is able to create and play a wide variety of musical instruments and create great accolades in a variety of songs. hit song. Speaking of Bruno Mars can not help but mention his two biggest hits, when I was your man and Just the way you are, the success of these two songs helped his reputation spread, from then on Road to many other songs quickly dominate the charts of prestige music, typically Up Town Funk.


Not surprisingly, Rihanna is one of the most popular singers in the world at the moment. Of course, any of Rihanna's songs will carry a strange charm, when released will be the default "will" on the top of the prestige charts in many countries in a while. long time.

Katy Perry

Owning the songs that make the audience replay dozens of times every time, talented American singer Katy Perry deserves to be among the most popular singers in the world at the moment. Growing up and growing up in a burgeoning family of music, the one that got away early in the morning expresses her singing ability. Along with the possession of addictive songs such as California Girls, Teenage Dream, Part of me, ET ... this beautiful singer is always the name is the big programs to welcome as well as conquer the hearts of millions of viewers. .

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's hits like "You Belong With Me", "Our Song," "Style," and "Out of the Wood" have always been popular among audiences around the world. She is also one of the most popular singers on the planet. world. In particular, her 1989 pop album has achieved beyond expectations with Blank Space's 1 billion view. Success in music helped Taylor Swift become one of the singers who owns the biggest asset of the contemporary music entertainment world.


As one of the world's greatest diva in the world of music, Beyoncé possesses a thick, strong voice and the ability to sing towering notes. Beyoncé is always appreciated by many professionals and holds a number of hits including Halo, Listen, Single Ladies ...
Beyoncé has always been the name of the big shows, most notably the two Superbowl appearances, where any artist wants to perform. By 2014, Beyoncé was on the list of the most sought-after singers in Hollywood.


Always on the air every time a song is released, British artist Adele is famous for hits that are received by global music fans. She, along with her songs like Hello, Someone like you, Rolling in the Deep, ... is always the candidate "heavyweights" on all music charts around the world. With powerful and powerful vocals and the ability to sing live, Adele built herself a powerful "empire" fans around the world as well as receiving a series of prestigious awards.

Demi Lovato

From a Disney princess, Demi Lovato "stripped" a spectacular way and became one of the most famous singer today. With her powerful inner voice and great live singing ability, Let It Go has made thousands of hearts flutter at every turn. Own hits such as Give your heart a break, Made in USA, Heart attack, Demi Lovato continuous "to rave" on many famous BXH world.

Jennifer Lopez

With hot, hot choreography and amazing performances and addictive songs, Jennifer Lopez has always won sympathy from the audience every time she appears. At age 47, Jennifer Lopez has always "burned out" on stage and gave the audience a great performance.

Lady Gaga

Famous for its "chaotic" fashion style and uncanny fit, Lady Gaga is always at the center of attention. Her songs like Just Dance, Bad Romance, Born This Way ... were once the dominant hit songs on the popular charts. In 2016 Lady Gaga once again "made a fever" with the Million reasons, a song full of seduction but no less monstrous through the way Lady Gaga.

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