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The food steals sleep

For a good sleep, stay away from these foods for 3 hours before bedtime.
1. Coffee
Coffee is considered the main culprit causing insomnia. In addition, some other types of caffeine such as chocolate also interfere with your sleep. So, before bedtime should not drink the above drink offline.
2. Cheese and Milk Chocolate
According to nutrition experts, cheeses and chocolate milk contain large amounts of tyrosine, tyrosine is responsible for the body's production of dopamine (the stimulant) that transmits to the brain nerve, which causes the brain to function "alertly. ", Making you restless and sleepy.
3. Spicy food
Dinner if you eat too much spicy food will not good for your sleep. In addition, the spicy also causes heartburn, causing discomfort to the body. So eat at least 4 hours before bedtime.
4. Alcohol
Many people use alcohol as a sedative, but in fact it makes you have an uneasy sleep. By drinking alcohol, it will make it hard for you to have a deep sleep, and to feel tired the next morning.
5. Ginseng tea
Herbal tea is good for sleep but with ginseng tea is the opposite. Drinking ginseng tea before going to bed can cause sleeplessness and hypertension. Therefore, do not drink ginseng tea before going to bed at least several hours.

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