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The magic from the pearl

As for pearls, one can think of a luxurious, noble jewelery without the knowledge that pearls are medicinal with many miraculous effects. If large, round, beautiful pearls are used as jewelry, the smaller ones are ground into fine powder for medical treatment and health care.

Origin of pearls

Pearls are conceived from a body that lives in the ocean over many years, absorbing many elements of the ocean, crystallizing the nacre that surrounds the pearl. The main ingredient of pearl is nacre (CaCO3) accounts for more than 90%, the rest is water and organic compounds create life for the pearl. The outer layer of the pearl has a strong bond between metal elements such as magnesium, aluminum, ion, copper and platinum. All of these elements not only give the pearl not just one color. It features very lively, but also asserts the very high nutritional value of this particular beauty.

10 wonderful effects of pearl powder

1. Helps sleep, stabilizes the mind
2. Boost immunity, fight fatigue, prolong life
3. Strengthen the nervous system function
4. Prevention of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cerebral vascular occlusion
5. Maintain stable calcium for the body, liver, prevention of kidney stones
Prevention of cardiac diseases such as atherosclerosis, increased cardiac contraction
Regulates the eye muscles, enhances eyesight
8. Preventing and treating osteoporosis, promoting maximum height development in adolescents
9. Adjust hormone female, prevent irregular menstruation, beauty skin and body
10. Stability and regulation of blood sugar, diabetes prevention
Pearl powder in medicine
Since ancient times, pearl powder or also known as "paradise origin" has been used by many famous physicians as a medicine in the quarter of medicine.
- In the book "Nam pham anh chi", Tue Tinh wrote: "The son of a salty taste, welding, non-toxic, cool, calm, tranquil, except for blood, treatment of sputum, pain. eyes, deaf ears.
- In "Man nam manuscripts", Hai Thuong Lan Ong notes the use of pearls in poetry:
"Pearl name constantly called son
Sweetness, coldness, goodness
Heat, peace of mind, hematology
Cure phlegm, eye pain, deafness.
- The book "Medicinal plants and Vietnamese medicine" by the late Professor Do Tat Loi pointed out that pearls are also used in the people, used as medication to calm the bloody head and face, Mucosal Mucosa: "Use outside the eye to dissolve the mucus. Because hard solids, when used to grind for small smooth, use from 0.3g to 0.6g.
- Many other literature also noted that pearl powder used for fear (precious), cardiac arrhythmia, seizures convulsion, heat dissipation, mouth sore throat, nails do not heal.
- Some materials also prove that pearl powder helps women, she is more passionate in the pillow due to the precious minerals in the pearl to help balance the amount of estrogen is reduced in women, especially stage Premenopausal. In the past Duong Gui Phi also used pearls as a "guardian angel" to increase the springiness, to retain the fervor of the Ming Dynasty, or Queen Cleopatra drank pearls every day to maintain youthfulness and " "To marry General Mark Antony, hold the throne for her son.
Today, the pharmaceutical industry uses pearls to produce medicines, functional foods with many uses such as: sleep help, reduce stress, anti-aging, beauty skin, help brighten eyes, heal injuries and diseases of bone, joints, ...

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